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EPI Homes, Inc.        

Below is information about our (3) programs and how EPI Homes, Inc. helps people in OUR area:

  1. Our "Rent-to-Own" Program
  2. Our "We Buy Houses" Program
  3. Our " 10% Private Investor" Program


                 Our "Rent-to-Own" Program

Are you currently renting but would rather own a home?

Our rent-to-own program might be just what you're looking for to get you off of the rent downhill spiral.

Here is how it works:


Step 1  Find one of our homes that fit your needs

                $699. Monthly Rent

             $2500 Option Fee

             $3195.   To Move In


Step 2    Rent for 12 months (or up to 24 months)

              Establish/clean up credit issues with the help of a Loan Officer.

              Pay on time by check or Money Order


Step 3    Apply for a mortgage loan (we can help you)


Step 4    Purchase the home

               Example:     $50,000           Purchase Price

                                        - $2,500           Option Fee*

                                        $47,500           Balance

         *Option Fee is handled as a down payment

                              Click here to see our available homes!!!

Note:       Everyone's situation is different. Credit history, income and debt-to-income vary. The above example for illustration purposes only and although it is typical, it might not be applicable to everyone.

                 Our "We Buy Houses" Program

Do you have a house that you no longer want?

We are not Realtors but private investors that buy houses. Give us a call 24/7 Toll Free at 1-866-88-HOUSE to see if your house qualifies.

                                             Click here for more information!

    Our " 10% Private Investor" Program


Do you have  savings or IRA monies not currently earning 10% safely? 

- We pay 10% interest!!

- Payments are made monthly or quarterly directly to YOU

- Your loan is secured with a morgage on a home.  Just like the banks do.

- Minimum loan is $5,000

- Loans secured by a 1st or 2nd mortgage.


            Click here to learn more about earning 10% secured interest!


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Remember, we pay a CASH commission for referrals that buy, sell or invest with EPI Homes, Inc.!