E.P.I. Homes, Inc.
PO Box 2823
Midland, MI 48641

Is it true??


How can I buy a home if my credit is not good?
  • We own the home, so we can be the bank for you.  If you have as LITTLE as 3-5% to put as a downpayment on a home, can afford a reasonable monthly house payment and WANT to own a home.... WE CAN HELP!

Yes, but these are homes in bad areas of town in poor condition, right?
  • No, these are nice homes in great neighborhoods, that's all we want to sell, we WANT our buyers to take pride in their homes and in their new neighborhoods.

What if I've had a bankruptcy or a foreclosure in the past?
  • With a little hard work and patience,  a good payment history will remove most harmful items on your credit bureau. We will give you that time, opportunity and help.... provided you are making your payments on time, taking care of your home and being the good neighbor that YOU would like to have.

If you see a home you like on our site, the process is simple:
  1. Call Paul at 989-714-8458  he will be happy to arrange to show you the home.
  2. To be notified of new homes that become available, click here.... Notify me!
  3. Get answers to any questions about the home, our easy financing or terms that suit your needs
  4. Fill out an easy on-line application
  5. Get a fast approval
  6. Move into your new home!!

But hurry... often our homes go very quickly.
The first qualified applicant with a qualifying deposit turned in,  will get the home.